Sunday, July 1, 2012

6 year old up-cycle ;)

I loved that my 6 year old grabbed her down and out shoes and decided to fix 'em up.  

This was during one of our felt frenzy days. :) Truly this little thing really made me smile. 
You may ask didn't the felt get all dirty?  Didn't it fall off?  Yep and yep and just to let you know she wore them everywhere, dirty felt and all. :) 

The shoes are now permanently retired but they had a fun extended little life for a bit, don't you think?

Well off I go...we are now in the U.S., Michigan to be exact.  Yes, I am jumping countries and so my posting will not be quite as frequent, hopefully once a week. I am also starting the Slice of Life Project I talked about in this post. It begins tomorrow and I am  excited to see what I learn. :)

ok off I go to enjoy my family here in the North,
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