Sunday, October 31, 2010


Well after starting this quilted pillow case over 6 months ago I have finally finished it.  It has been ready to be sewn into a pillow case with all it's pieces for months I just wasn't sure how to put it together. Thanks to Consuelo's 3 minutes demonstration I picked it up today, retrieved my sewing machine (which is one of my most sweetest gifts from David) and finished it in 30 minutes. :) Yippee now a little color and a little piece of my own handy work in my living room.

Here is my little pieces of work

The back of the pillow is where my learnig curve was but I learned and so success.

My goal is to make a quilted pillow for Autumn and Lydia.  I have decided that a blanket is past my ability and patience right now, so I thought a quilted pillow case for their beds would be perfect.  I would love to make them for Christmas gifts.  The problem is not enough material, I brought some fun squares back from the States this time around but I just don't feel like I have the material that I would like for both of their personalities.  Maybe I should go to the pazar and buy some different bed sheets or I could go through their old clothes and pick out shirts or dresses that they really liked and use pieces from those. However I would really feel funny cutting up a bunch of nice clothing that others could use for a pillow case.  Well we shall see what I do -  I will pray for God to provide ideas for getting the perfect material for these little gifts that I want to make and give. ( I sound like Karma Rasico which so makes me smile (she prays about everything, even cardboard boxes)- you are a great example.) ~

Friday, October 29, 2010


These are all the fun cakes I have made to date. I started with Autumn's castle cake when she was three and now for each birthday I let the kids choose what they would like their cake to be. Everything has been within reach so far, we will see how it goes as the get older and their ideas grander.  . These are nothing extra special except for the fact that they were made with lots of love and delight for my kids. Lydia seems to have had a animal theme over her short 4 year life. Isaac has yet to have his own designer cake. I look forward to his 3 yr old b-day to make something for him. I am sure we will all give our opinions David, the girls, Isaac and me.

Autumn's 6 yr. old Purse (canta) cake

Autumn's 5 yr. old Flower cake

Autumn's 3 yr. old  Castle cake
This was my first attempt to make a fun cake,
Autumn was in her princess stage
and so she was the inspiration.

Little Lydia's 1st birthday a Bunny cake

Lydia's 2 yr. old Lamby cake
in honor of her little lamby

Lydia's 3 yr. old Bear cake

Lydia's 4 yr. old Pig cake
This is my most recent cake May 2010

A cake I made for our dear friend Malachi

This is a cake I made for a baby shower
Baby block cake

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