Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Being a part, feeling a part (Kids Turkish school program)

Being a part, feeling a part.
Being a part of the School program this year was more than just a fun thing the kids were able to be apart of, we as a family became more a part of our community and neighborhood. 
Lydia and her bestest friend, Elif Ezgi.

Do you see the little arrows singling out our little girl? 

Aren't these Smurf costumes fun? Here is Autty with two of her closest school mates.

Autty is in the row to the left, third back. :)

Getting ready and on our way. 

My girls are natural performers. They love to dance and being in front of others is fairly easy for both of them. They both did exceptional at their programs and had a blast being a part of 'Children's day' here, that is celebrated on the 23 of April. They also preformed for Mothers day.

 I find it so interesting how connected to the Turkish culture my kids feel. It is their home. It is my home too but they seem to see through different lenses then me on so many things. 

Love this picture of my sweet daughter and me. 
Autty is the one I see the cultural differences in the most these days, she is such a unique kid. I like who she is and who she is becoming so very much. She adds a unique flair to everything she touches. 

In our west corner...wanting to record these precious moments.
Also there are a few Grandmas waiting for these pics. ;)

FYI ~I think I will be posting a lot this week. I have a lot I am thinking about and creations I am wanting to record. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

(My super duper) Up-cylced patched jeans. :)

These crazy jeans were given to me by my younger sister probably 4 years ago. I don't know what it is about these jeans but weather I add a few pounds or drop a few they always fit me. Miracle jeans truly. They are like the jeanse that keep on lasting, even if the bottoms are all tadered and torn. :)  So when one of the knees finally got a hole in them I decided to patch 'em and keep on wearing 'em.. Especially since I am at the 'add a few pounds stage' these days. :)

So here are my up-cylced patched jeans. :)

I really like the big patches. 
I hand sewed them on. It took me more time than I thought. I also before sewing on the patches ironed them on with an iron on adhesive to help keep the patches on and the hole from getting bigger.

Here I am on my balcony, trying to give ya 'all a better look at them. 

Hope this is inspiring to someone somewhere. I know there are few who would wear these pants. :) 
Deb your jeans are living on.... you would be proud. :)

In my west corner..using what I have to keep my jeans alive.
Psst...i just discovered the beginning of a hole right next to one of my back pockets. ??? 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

OOh la la! (and a new opportunity)

The color of a culture found in a tea cup.

OOh la la, sweet colors.
American coffee/tea cups

SOURCEMaureen Cracknell handmade
These colors and patterns are delightful!
Love is probably to strong a word, but really can I have a cup of tea in these cute little cozy shaped cups? PLEASE!

And then there are these...Turkish coffee cups.
I find myself split down the middle enjoying the cultural colors and patterns of the two countries I am a part of.

Turkish tea found on a shirt. Bought at the pazar. :)

Sunshine tea!
New opportunity!! I signed up to be apart of a project/course called 'Slice of Life Project'. It is a photography course of sorts. It is about using the every day glimpses to capture your life ans story.  I have recently really started to feel a pull towards 'storying', writing out my and  my families life in pictures and in words. I am wanting to record for posterity sake. I am excited about this online photography class, it is so up my alley and quite a gift. It starts in July and runs for 6 weeks.  There is a limited amount of people who can sign up. Right now there is a $25 discount. Anyone want to join me? I would love it. Here is the info Slice of Life Project/Course

In my west corner struck by color today (and every day) :) ~Becky

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Magazine-add on ArT (great for kids)

This was a fun discovery.  We saw an art-display at a local shopping center from different school age children.  There were a few with this idea of cutting out clippings from different magazines, newspaper etc and expanding the cut out picture to bring about a totally new piece of art. It was fantastic and done very well. I wish I new the name of it.  
Anyone have a clue? 

So I cut out some pictures from a magazine and Autty picked which ones peaked her interest. Here are a few small pics of what she came up with. I love the paint brush with all the colors titled "Paint makes the world bright'. I think we are going to elaborate on this idea more. At some point I would love to see her make a full fledged piece of art of sort if she is interested. :) 

'Paint makes the world bright' 

'Chair, Book, tea ~ for my mom'

Don't forget to name the art brings them to life and helps the child describe what it is that stands out to them. :)

Hope you enjoy and can get some ideas from these Magazine art pieces. :) 
Again if anyone knows the name of this kind of technique, I would love to know. 

From our little west corner of creativity to your little corner of creativity,

Monday, May 14, 2012

Felt circle trees/a baby blanket ~ part 1

This is what I am working on to be a matching set for the pillow I made. 
(If you remember the felt tree pillow I made a bit ago - click here to see )

Still not 100 percent sure on how I am going to pull this off.  I have enough of the same white fabric I used for the pillow to have 4 to 6 squares worth. Now I need to decide what fabric I will use for the other squares and the back. I only have patterned fabric and not really any good baby I will piece something together with what I have here in my home stash and see where that leads me. :) 
I will keep you posted. 

I really like it when sets don't match perfectly but just tie into each other in different ways. So I am switching it up a bit for the blanket and making several circle trees, instead of one tree with several circles. 

My two thoughts are to make the circle trees the center of the blanket with fabric strips in the middle to separate them and then coordinating fabric around the edges etc. or my other thought is to  make several fabric squares and inter mingle the circle tree squares throughout the pattern and blanket?  So still thinking it through.  What do you all think? 

In my west corner ...using the fabric I have to create something for that little niece of mine! 

an itty bitty p.s.~ This is my 201 post! Again I think that is crazy I guess I need to go back and read all that I have been saying over the past few years. I love is such a great way for me to process and record my life.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

She is a women to be admired

She is a woman to be admired. 
My mom ~ Victoria.

I am who I am today because of her. When I take a run and do a dance like jig with the music all the way turned up, that is because of my mom. When I am cooking and I don't have all the ingredients and I throw in what I have in hopes it will turn out, that is because of my mom. When I get up early and make time with the Lord a priority, that is because of my mom. When I am walking down the road or folding laundry in my house and burst into song that is because of my mom. When I laugh in a difficult situation where I could be feeling sorry for myself, that is because of my mom.

I have so many memories of my mom. 
What precious jewels these memories have become to me. 

My mom is compassionate to the needs of others. I remember as a child my mom noticing those in need, not just in physical need but those hurting inside. My mom sees others and she has helped me see others. Thank you mom for placing this seed of mercy and compassion in my heart. I will never forget when you gave me the poem "others" and said you felt like I was to have it. I still have that poem.
 (The last stance: "Others" Lord, yes "Others" Let this my motto be. Help me to live for others That I may live for Thee.)

We are countries apart and only see each other every two years. However her life effects mine on a daily bases. What an awesome responsibility and calling a mother is. I miss you mom.

Mom because you are such a word lover the following is for you:

Words/ things that remind me of you:
Seeing others
Being real 
Hunger for God
Asking forgiveness
Saying I love you
Homemade bread
Persistent in prayer
Never giving up
Dusting on Saturdays
Still learning
Never compared us kids
quoting verses

Things my mom likes:
A good classic movie
Her kids and grandkids ;)
Green grass and trees
Coffee and friends
All things little and dinky
Ice cream
A good laugh
Walking with me
sharp cheddar cheese

This post seems so inadequate mom, you are so deeply cherished and loved by me. 

Honored and humbled to be a mom this mothers day.
In my little west corner ~ Becky  
(This is my 200th post!!!! I love that it is about someone I love. Crazy 200 posts.)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

No pattern A-line dress

Hi! there.
Here is my A-line dress with some ric- rac pockets. :) 
Kinda looks like the circus:).

plus lots of Pocket tutorials and ideas!!!!!!

Simple A-line dress tutorial: 
*Take one of your daughters dresses and fold in two. *Take 2 pieces of your fabric fold one in two then the other. *Take the two folded pieces and place them on top of each other then place the dress on top  *Trace the dress giving one inch extra seam allowance as your trace along the dress. *Cut out. * I then took one dress piece and cut the neckline in more of a circle for the front of the dress. (also you need to make sure the dress will go over the child's head if you are not putting in buttons or a zipper.)
You can use this pattern over and over with so many variations. 

I recognize this is not a detailed tutorial. It was just SOOOO easy I wanted to share just in case others needed an encouragement jump start. This is a perfect project for a novice. 
This tutorial is very similar to mine but with some added details and the pockets are big and darling!!
Source: From the blue shed
Here are some more wonderful helps and ideas for pockets. 

Pocket IDEAS

I made this little Circus dress for DRESS A GIRL around the world sew along ~April 2012. This was my first ever dress and sew along and it turned out pretty good I think. I used whatever I already had in house for fabric and and such. The dress is made from a sheet like material and the pockets are up-cycled from some old pj pants. :)  I think I can do better next time so it will be fun to make a few fro my girls this summer. 

In my west corner....slowly learning to sew and using whatever I have to do it,

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