Thursday, May 24, 2012

OOh la la! (and a new opportunity)

The color of a culture found in a tea cup.

OOh la la, sweet colors.
American coffee/tea cups

SOURCEMaureen Cracknell handmade
These colors and patterns are delightful!
Love is probably to strong a word, but really can I have a cup of tea in these cute little cozy shaped cups? PLEASE!

And then there are these...Turkish coffee cups.
I find myself split down the middle enjoying the cultural colors and patterns of the two countries I am a part of.

Turkish tea found on a shirt. Bought at the pazar. :)

Sunshine tea!
New opportunity!! I signed up to be apart of a project/course called 'Slice of Life Project'. It is a photography course of sorts. It is about using the every day glimpses to capture your life ans story.  I have recently really started to feel a pull towards 'storying', writing out my and  my families life in pictures and in words. I am wanting to record for posterity sake. I am excited about this online photography class, it is so up my alley and quite a gift. It starts in July and runs for 6 weeks.  There is a limited amount of people who can sign up. Right now there is a $25 discount. Anyone want to join me? I would love it. Here is the info Slice of Life Project/Course

In my west corner struck by color today (and every day) :) ~Becky


Leah said...

This sounds really neat. I hope that you will share your photos. Maybe I will try this course in the future. It sounds super cool! Have fun.

Creatively Content said...

Leah, Thanks. I would love to have you a part...what amazing pics you would have of your life in Africa right now. yes I will be sharing pics and what I am learning in posts on and off. :)

Jill said...

Great selection of cups there! and that t-shirt is so cute too!!

Good luck with your photography course!

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