Friday, August 2, 2013

Europe, a van, three kids and a tent.

Oh the places we will go.... Yep one of the perks living here in Turkey is being so close to other countries. We have a conference we need to attend in the middle of August in Europe. So instead of flying we decided to pack up our van, three kiddos, a tent and head out.  We leave tomorrow. :)

We will have a few long days in the car. :) We are planning most of our time in Austria and Germany. We will be doing lots of camping and staying in what they call a "Farm Holiday" in Austria for a few days as well, before our conference begins.  Here are the countries we will be seeing as we drive.
Czech Republic

Here are the ROAD TIP ideas I am working on for my kids:

Travel Bingo:

Guess who littelest pet shop:

Just click on the link and then click on the icon of the kind of character you want. 
There is my littlest petshop, silly monsters etc. It prints out two pages. 

Road trip activities for my little boy
I am finishing putting together a 3 Ring binder Activity Book for Isaac. With dot-to-dot pages, mazes and some stickers. I used contact paper on card stock and then put it all in a three ring binder so he can put the stickers on and off.

Also I love this bingo card for a boy...I really think he will get into this. 

Road trip activities for my little girls
For the girls I am going to print off paper dolls. Here are a few I am looking at. 
She has a selection of little sister and big sisters. 
These are FREE. 

These are the ones I am leaning towards...and they too are FREE. 

This is by far my fav...
This adorable little thing is $3.50. You print it out and all you need is a glue stick and scissors.
I love this idea for  long trip...however I think that we will be grabbing the free dolls this time. ;)

Also we downloaded a few more Adventure in Odessey's and bought a Where's Waldo game for $2.99 on my Ipad. 

Of course there is the coloring book/pages and plenty of books for reading and a movie or two.
So there you have it my ideas for traveling across Europe with our kiddos!! 

Who knows, maybe I will post pics along the way??? or maybe I will ignore the computer the whole time. :) We shall see.

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