Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Funky pumpkins

Canned pumpkin is not available here but there are pumpkins, though the first year I didn't recognize them as pumpkins.  It is usaully sold cut up in chunks and the inside is a lighter orange and the outside is green or other colors.  This year for the first time I bought a full pumpkin instead of just a few chunks and this evening I cut it up and pureed it and am ready for pumpkin pie, bars, bread and pumpkin butter. :)

Funky pumpkin- 6 kilos

So strange really the things that used to seem so difficult have become easy.

I think it is 10 cups worth.

Monday, November 8, 2010

DIY cowboy & princess horses

This is one of the more recent creations that Autumn, Lydia and I have done.  (David always adds his help too)

This first one is a stick horse because Autumn is very much into cowboys right now and I was wanting to encourage her in it so we created these.  However you will see that Lydia's stick horse was well needing some more'fluff' in order to cater to the princess that would be riding, so we found some red socks and pretty lace. :)  It only took us one afternoon to put it all together.  I bought nothing only used things that were around the house already to make them.  Oh I didn't have yarn so a few days later I finished the mane for the horses.

Well done Autty and Lydia.  It was fun seeing it come together so simply. I love your personalities.

All it took was socks, yarn, felt, buttons, ribbon and some kind of wood pole.
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