Tuesday, October 9, 2012

our 'little house in the woods"

Oh my sweet blog, that holds so much of my thoughts and creativity, how are you? :)
Blogging while in the U.S. has little appeal to me.  There are so many more outlets, so I don't have as much to say or maybe I have as much to say but more people to say them too. :) 

We  decided to stay in the States an extra 2 months and one of those months have passed and we are now entering our 2nd month. We will be flying back to Turkey the beginning of November.

We are so very happy where we are staying. We call it our "little house in the woods', and it is just that 'little' and on 50 acres with lots of and lots of white oak trees and fun bits of personality.

Here we are at our "little house in the woods". Some of our first days of homeschooling. We read a proverb a day from the Bible. I figure it is good to get a bite of wisdom each morning. :) Autty will continue homeschooling in Turkey while the other two will go to Turkish public school. 

Oh the joys of 50 acres. 
My children are like free horses here. 

I would love to post pics and story my time here however I am having quite the time with iphoto and picasa being friendly and so until I get that worked out ..no pics, or limited pics anyway.
I love this little red tractor with personality that I look out and see every morning. :)
It's the 'red'  little things
I look forward to returning to Turkey and pounding out on the keys all my thoughts again. Blogging is such a wonderful outlet for me in Turkey, I find it strange how I don't feel that desire/need so much while here in the States. 
  When we return there will be all the new challenges of homeschooling my oldest in my little west corner of Turkey and all the other fabulous challenges and joys of living where we live and doing what we do. Until next time....

In my 'little house in the woods' for now,

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