Monday, August 29, 2011

Confessions of a SAHM

My confessions for today...

Sometimes I vacuum around the toys under the couch.

Sometimes I play hide and seek with the kids so I can just HIDE for a few minutes alone.

Sometimes I have to rewash clothes I have left in the washing machine too long.

Sometimes I tell my kids "only 10 more min." and it ends up being 30.

Sometimes I wash my kids feet with wet wipes because I am too tired to give them all a bath. (gross I know)

Sometimes I nod and act like I understand when I have NO idea what has been said. (regarding Turkish)

Ok, that felt great ...your turn... it's fun really. :)

Sometimes I____________________.

(If you have a minute and need a good mommy laugh click here. This is where the 'Confessions' post idea came.)

from my west corner in Turkey... Becky

Living with sunshine for 5 years. :)

She is our Sunshine on a cloudy day!
Our summer started with our Lydia turning 5.  She has lost two teeth and is learning to swim and is so tall. I can not believe that my little Lydie is so big.  
You are my Sunshine girl. Everything about you brings a touch of light to a room.  
She is our princess lover, twirling skirt wearing, makeup buying, music loving girl. Happy 5 year old Birthday Lydia.
Her princess Barbie cake that she requested was made by Autty and me. 

I enjoy her style. Age 2
I love her walk.  Age 3

Lydia and Lamby.  Age 5
I am enchanted by her dancing.
Her day to ShInE, 
and I still love that walk.
 I stumbled on this video other day again, and is proof that her sunshine is contagious~ 
I adore you Lydia and find such delight in you every day!! (age 3)

You are generous and compassionate and full of mercy and music.
Lydia Hope you will be a world changer. 
You were created at the perfect time in history for a purpose that is beyond you, 
but perfect for you and your maker to accomplish together.
Your creator will always beside you, in front of you,behind of you, surrounding you. 
You have already begun to change the world, by changing my world and heart. 
I love you.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

ReCyCling pRegAncY Clothes & new glasses ;)

We have had some hot moments here and so obviously comfy and light clothing is a must.  I was attemping to go through my pregnancy clothes the other day and was purging a bit and I found this shirt and I have always liked the colors and pattern, but needless to say, it makes me look pregnant. So I took my AMAZING sewing skills (sarcastic giggle) and tada a sexy simple, light weight skirt, that I wear every other day, was recycled.

 I feel like an absolute geek taking pics of myself and truth is I am a bit of a geek so enjoy my geekishness...I tend to see my geek issues as humor?? Hopefully you all will to.

This was an empire waist shirt. 
I cut the shirt off at the waist.  
Folded over the waist part, sewed it and then put in some elastic.
I also put in a slip when I folded over the waist and sewed that in also.

 Simple sewing, but a no expense new skirt...gotta love recycling clothes.  
I wasn't wearing my new glasses, so the sewing is a little crooked. 

Here I am sporting the new glasses and my bright and colorful recycled pregnancy shirt to skirt.
From bump to rump. (lol)   Hope no one is offended.

Also I wanted to welcome everyone visiting from Sun Scholars and
delicate Construction. Thank you so much for coming by.  I am guest posting over at both of these wondrful blogs this week.  Let's just say there was a little hiccup and so now I am at two places at once. :) But hey it's my b-day so it is fun to be off visiting. :)

Here are the links, for two different posts:
Check 'em out:
Homemade name puzzle & frame tutorial (Sun Scholars)

3,2, (delicate Construction)

Happy Monday!!! 
If you think the glasses are a keeper click 'fun' in the reactions.
(My husband wanted to know how I made those glasses???  I told him I was cool that's how) 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My patchwork curtain makes me giddy

Ok, so I am learning to sew and little accomplishments make me delightfully giddy.

This little patchwork curtain hangs in my kitchen.  It blocks the sun that comes in during the day that HEATS up my kitchen. :) It is especially made for our balcony door, and I really like it, just hanging there looking cute and blowing in the breeze from time to time. It does its job so nicely.

There is a small window above it that I want to do something about. I think I am inclined to put fabric up there using my cornstarch mixture in this post.  We shall see, until then I am content with this little guy.

From my west corner over here in Turkey to you all in your corners,


Sunday, August 14, 2011

morning light..

One of those mornings...ahhh

Early morning quiet, peaceful and time to just be.

My tea, my Bible and my journal 
(homemade journal cover made by my sweet friend Consuelo for Christmas) 

"The way of the righteous is like the first gleam of down, 
which shine ever brighter until the full light of day." Proverbs 4:18

Jesus I want to remain bright. Please keep me from becoming dull in my relationship with you.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Masking Tape Town

Last week I had a stroke of 'cheap craft' fun for all, moment; that took up our entire office/everything room.

Come visit Masking Tape Town! :) 
You may want to create a little tape town in your house too. :) 

Supplies needed for constructing our town.
~Masking tape, ~electrical tape, ~construction paper, floor. :)
Yep, simple, cheap and things that can be found around the house.
Oh yes and one more thing: you need helpers, enthusiastic city planners.
I happened to have two.
Adding the details, stop lights, apple trees and etc.
My city planners happen to be pretty cute.

Here you see an aerial view. :)
(No airplane needed , just standing on a chair)
Yes, Masking Tape Town has a firm rule about allowing pedestrians the right of way. 
(Non like Turkey mind you. ;) ~ you need to watch for your life)

This picture was taken on an early Monday morning.
Not to much traffic, seems as the farmers are the ones awake.
Bright sunny day in Masking Tape Town.  
Busy, busy. The town buses are all out and about.

When this little guy awoke, there was some series happiness and the town had a traffic jam.

The construction paper lasted only about a day and a half.
 However the tape and roads we left for a full week. :) Tape pealed right off.
The girls favorite part was putting it all together and my little guy and me well we liked filling up the roads with lots of vehicles.

Well there you have it our fun,cheap craft. Simple and fun for boys and girls. There is a lot more that can be done blocks to make bridges or instead of contruction paper blocks for houses etc.  This could be done on certain carpet as well.

Enjoy your Monday. :)
Much care from our little west corner in Turkey,
~ Becky and my three busy, goofy, fun kiddos.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Some pretty Chic clothespins

* Molding clay and clothes pins.  My girls discovered this all on their own. My oldest said "hey mom would you blog about these." :) Absolutely, I love blogging about all their creativity and simple fun creations.  

Enjoy these very chic looking girls. Look at those fun hairpieces and that very cool pendent necklace she is sporting
These girls are on their way to the runway. 

What you need Molding clay, clothes pin, designer quality sense. ;) 

Happy Wednesday to you and me.  
Good night from my west corner.  

up past my bedtime ~Becky

Monday, August 1, 2011

5 ways we are kickin this heat & Giveaway Winners

Here are 5 fun things we are doing to beat the heat. :)
(Giveaway winners are listed at the bottom of the post. :))
Congrats congrats. 
Our seasonal Welcome Rock 

1. Homemade juice popsicles. 

Yes the ever so common simple dimple popsicle. A box of juice, pour, put in freezer, ta dam.  I love simple especially in this heat and my kids dig these. See for yourselves. :)

2. Blow up pool 
Yet again another simple solution but one that has brought lots of relief to ALL of us. 

3. Homemade Lemonaid (makes a GREAT slushy)

I literally have been eating this non stop.  Yes eating I put it in a cup and stick it in the freezer and tada an hour  later I am spooning pure coldness in my mouth. Also adding a few frozen strawberries is a great bonus to this drink.
3 cups of water 
1 cup fresh lemon juice (4 lemons)
1/2 cup sugar
Add: 1 cup of hot water plus the sugar, stir and allow sugar to dissolve 
then add lemon juice and remaining water.  Let cool or add ice and serve.

4. Hummus ~Salad for lunch and dinner 
We just don't tend to be as hungry in the summer especially when it is so hot. We often eat variations of salads some Turkish and some from the U.S. Hummus is a staple during the summer here. That cute little hand is snatching some black olives. 
 Our Hummus Recipe:
30 ounces of Garbanzo beans/Chickpeas(without juice)
1/4 cup Tahini
1/4 cup Virgin olive oil
1/4 cup Lemon juice
1/4 Purified water
1 or 2 gloves Garlic
1 tsp salt
Garnish w/ Cumin on the top

5. Dinner, movie and fans

Inexpensive and great way to beat the heat for a few hours.  Simple dinner, fun cartoon (we have three kids 7 years and under so our options are limited. But hey I like Madagascar. :)) and fans turned up to high pointing at us. Oh I forgot to mention we have a projector and so our wall becomes our theater. :)

Well that is what we are up to this last week or so. Oh yes and Potty training in there has been, well not as easy as the first two. I figure we all learn right? I mean are any of you still wearing diapers? Well then I cling to hope. 

We have some fun crafts that the kids and I want to share too.  But that will have to be for another time. Well off I go to bed and will enjoy the rain that just fell! It brought with it a cool breeze.

Announcing the winners of the fun giveaway. 
The Ebru art goes to:
Laina over at Vibrant Serenity.  Congrats bloggy friend. 

The Garlands goes to: 
Lisa over at Organized Chaos
Congrats Lisa. :)

~in my west corner doing what I do 
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