Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Candy bar holders & thoughtful love.

Here is a little peak into our Valentines Day. It is coming to a close and kids are almost all tucked in bed. 
It is will be super nice to be JUST with David for a bit.  
Valentines day at our house is simple and I REALLY like it that way!!!
In Turkey Valentines day is just for the lovers, no kids or parties, but I guess it is cultural because me and my honey can't seem to leave the kids out of valentines day. :)

Here is what we each did to bring a bit of celebration to our Valentines Evening. 

Cute little candy bar holders for Valentines fun. 
(Idea inspired by: This idea)
I made this today and stuffed these little personalities with candy bars. 
The big fat guy is Dave's with his favorite candy bar here in Turkey. 
I then stuffed them in our newly decorated cardboard Mailbox.

Isaac's cute candy bar holder guy, took a beating. :) :) 

Every year Dave gets us girls all the same thing. It is sooo fun.  For example: one year all three of us received purses, another year fun headbands, another year handmade shawls and this year we each received a necklace. I didn't post a pic but each was perfect. I especially love mine, it is small and sweet. :) I tend to always get the nicest item. ;)  Sweet Isaac got car and he was happy. I love this tradition and so appreciate my husband for the care and thought he always puts into these thoughtful but simple gifts. 

Here are our lady bug love cards. ~

Much care to each of you.  David you are perfect for me, absolutely perfect!!
Happy EVERY DAY love to you.

In our west corner,


Betsy de Cruz said...

Thanks for sharing your Valentine's Day with us! Such cute candy bar holders!

Creatively Content said...

Thank you Olive and your welcome. :) Hope you had a nice day yourself.

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