Crafts kids can do!

This page is an ongoing gallery of all the kids crafts 
we have done here in our 'little' west corner. 

They are somewhat categorized. Just click on the image and it will take you to the original post.
Happy crafting to you and your sweet little ones.

This page has been under construction for awhile now. There are several more crafts that could be added to this page. I hope to get around to it someday.
Our most POPULAR craft:

masking tape town by Creatively Content
Masking tape town
our Fabric Crafts:
Patchwork bookmarks by Creatively Content
DIY patchwork bookmarks
by my girlies
Scrap fabric Bracelets 
our TP Roll Crafts:
 TP tube owls @ Creatively Content
Fun Owl mural
 Tp tube owl craft for group by creatively content
TP tube owl craft for a group
 TP roll Robots by Creatively Content
TP roll Robots invaded our home
 A little TP pumpkin by Creatively Content
A little TP tube pumpkin
our Crafts from recyclables
Pop bottle jellyfish by Creatively Content
Pop bottle jellyfish
Homemade fairies and a fairy home
A few robotos by Creatively Content
A few Mrs. Robotos
Recyclable treats by Creatively Content
Recycable treats for our sweet shop/mini egg carton cupcakes

Upcycling clothes into doll clothes by Creatively Content
Upclycling clothes
into doll clothes
Egg Carton carrying case
Colors of fall in circles by Creatively Content
Our circle tree
our Painting Crafts:
 Painting with marbles @ Creatively Content
Painting with Marbles
 Pointallism painting with q-tips by creatively content
Pointillism painting with q-tips
 The welcome rock by Creatively Content
The Welcome Rock
 Paper marbling with shaving cream by Creatively Content
Paper marbling with shaving cream 
Our Watered down acrylic paint projects

 Family wall art @ Creatively Content
Family wall art
 Skirts your girls can scribble on with q-tips by creatively content
Skirts your girls can scribble on
 The welcome rock by Creatively Content
Napkin flower bouquet
 DIY tissue paper by Creatively Content
DIY tissue paper
our Ribbon and Yarn Crafts

 Button flowers and foam @ Creatively Content
Button flowers and foam
 Salt dough ribbon necklaces by creatively content
Salt dough ribbon necklaces
 Pom pom pals by Creatively Content
Pom pom pals
 Homemade ribbon wands by Creatively Content
Homemade ribbon wands

more to come...

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