Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My odd and beautiful life

It is now the 5th night back in my Sweet little west corner.  Every time I return from the States back to Turkey I can't help but see my life a little clearer and crisper. I love that.  Returning 'home' presents a wanting and contentment for me, to have seen all that I could have and yet be so grateful I don't have it.?  Oh my odd and beautiful life. So very glad to be home.

Good night all and Good night Sweet Savior. 
Arian Armstrong~ Good night print
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I have a beautiful life given to me by beauty Himself. In love with my creator who made the heavens and the earth and all that is in it and who is here with me across the ocean as I adjust. 

Drinking sleepy time tea to help hush away the jet lag~
In my sweet little west corner.


Betsy de Cruz said...

Welcome back to your little west corner. Hope you're experiencing much grace as you get back.

matt&ruth said...

Welcome back, Becky! So glad to hear how happy you are to be 'home' :)

Creatively Content said...

Thank you sweet ladies. :)

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