Monday, November 19, 2012

10 bags of stuff and snoopy waffles

My west corner is super sweet to me as we are HOME!! It has been 4 1/2 months and we are all so happy to be where we belong.  Kids have started school, I have unpacked 10 bags and gotten rid of 6 garbage bags full of clothes, toys and etc. Out with the old to make room for the new. 

It is easy when you have more space to store things. I am very grateful today that I do not have that extra space to store extra "things". There are times I want to grumble at this fact but honestly I find it so freeing to have to purge every time we bring in something to our home.  Seriously isn't it amazing how the challenge to live in an apartment on the 5th floor with my family of 5 brings me to a place of gratitude. I get to live more simply, I get to teach my children that 20 stuffed animals does not make you happier than 5 stuffed animals, you just end up with no where to sleep on your bed. 
Oh the lessons learned.

Following are a series of pictures that have nothing to do with the previous paragraphs. ;) 

Yes SNOOPY Waffles made by Grandma Schneider a little tradition that seems to 
make all the grandkids smile. Thank you Bunny for being a piece of stability to my kiddos 
every time we return to the States. 

May Snoopy live on....

From my west corner...unable to sleep because I am hacking and hacking,
nothing like a crazy midnight post.

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