Thursday, June 13, 2013

A calm hill- our getaway.

We were able to get away for 4 days this past week. It was only to be two days and then it became three and then a decidedly four. :) Gas prices here are among some of the highest in the if your going to get away might as well make the most for your fuel price.

Our kids played outside in this breathtaking scene at a place called Sakın tepe (Calm hill). This was our 2nd time to this quiet and peaceful place called Sakın tepe and it exceeded our expectations again. Especially for our children who discovered that the German shepards that were there before now had puppies! Hours of puppy fun. :)

The children were able to play outside for hours upon hours everyday and it was just chilly enough in the hills to light fires in the mornings and evenings.

We chased some butterflies in the afternoons, ate outside, hiked and soaked in the sun when it wasn't hiding behind the clouds. Oh and we played Pit and Monopoly deal and read a lot. 

Also on our 2nd night there was another family that came and stayed in one of the cabins and they had 4 sweet kiddos and we enjoyed their company while at the bonfire or eating dinners together outside on the picnic tables. 

I personally indulged in several cups of green tea and honey and took time to just look and revel in 
the green, blue and rich brown soil around me. The different shades of green thrilled me as I looked out over the trees that expand as far as the black sea. 

Returning to my apartment home surrounded by buildings and roads was a wonderful reminder or what a gift it is to get away and how much more I appreciate those outdoor moments for myself and my kids.

These pics will carry me for awhile....:) 

Being thankful for what I do have, a place to go and enjoy the amazing green outdoors. 

In my west corner,

Also to any of those reading living in Turkey this is a wonderful place for a family getaway!!

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Jill said...

Looks and sounds idyllic Becky! The perfect break!

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