Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Stamp painting with pipe-cleaners- summer fun

I saw this fun idea Painting fireworks with pipe-cleaners on Pinterest a bit ago and today we put the idea to paper. 

Stamp Painting with Pipe-cleaners

You will need:

An extra thing I did was put some extra pipe cleaners to let the kids
 make a few of their own pipe-cleaners stamps. This idea lasted my kids about 20 minutes. 

We have started something new at our house since school got out. 
We call our new idea Rotation Stations... this pipe-cleaner idea was at our craft station. 
I will share with you our Rotation Station idea with you soon...it has really been a help to me and the kids. More on that next time. 

Here is the original post I saw that inspired us. :) 

Using what we have to create some summer fun- today it was Pinterest and pipe-cleaners. :)
In our west corner,
Becky and kiddos

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