Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Felt Advent Calendar -stage 2

ok. I am in stage 2 of this homemade advent calendar journey. :) Yipee. 
I have 4 more days and I think I will be ready! However I have my daughters birthday party on Friday and a guest on Saturday sooo..

Here is my update with some pics~

I have completed all my pieces and did a blanket stitch around the edge of my felt piece.

These sweet little guys along with the angel and stars were bought at Hobby Lobby. (minus the straw..that was my doing) :) 
Having those 10 pieces to start me out REALLY gave me the kick in the pants I needed to do this project.  I bought them at Hobby Lobby for 1/2 off for $4, I think. 

Here are a few of the little guys I made. I used felt glue for the shepards and stitched the sheep.
The little houses, path and stable were easily cut out and stitched. The camel however was a bit more challenging and I still want to stitch him. The little sign next to the 'Inn' is going to be a surprise. :) 

Ok so here is the fabric I have for making pockets. 25 pockets and numbers sounds a bit daunting.  
I don't have enough felt to make pockets, so I decided to use this fabric. 

What do you all think green or red for the pockets?
Do you think the fabric will work instead of felt?

My kids love this project and I am excited to have something now for each year.  I also want to have scripture cards for each day to put in the pockets but that might have to wait until next year....

Well that is my update.

Using what I have in my west corner to celebrate Christ's birth as a family.

Friday, November 23, 2012

My very own DIY advent Calendar (finally)

So for years now I have wanted a Nativity advent calendar and have tossed around differnt ideas. My dear friend made one last year and she inspired me with all those sweet homemade pieces made with love and care.  I always seem to think of putting together an advent calender in December and so end up with DIY Christmas countdowns like here and here, that are two or three days behind.  

While in the States I found this 10 piece nativity felt set at wonderful Hobby Lobby (oh that store is amazing).  So I am inspired... I am 10 pieces ahead and now only need to make fifteen more pieces. For the next week I will be taking all my extra moments and creating a felt master piece. (it's all in the eye of the beholder, right? ;)) 

This pic was from yesterday.  I have already done a bunch since this...sewed up the sheep, made a camel, a Shepard and found a piece of fabric in my stash to make pockets for the pieces. 

My goal is to have at least the pieces for the first few days of December and the display
 ready by December 1st.  

Right now I have enough ideas for 23 pieces...only two more to think up. (I can always add extra stars)

Well that is it. I will be posting pics of my progress along the way, 
it will help encourage me if nobody else. :)

We are celebrating Thanksgiving on this fun, festive Saturday so off I go to bake a carrot soufflé, make a cranberry-apple crisp and a salad..oh and get breakfast for my kiddos. :)

In my little west corner..using the felt stash I have. 

Here is a LINK to my Stage 2 update on this advent calendar.

Monday, November 19, 2012

10 bags of stuff and snoopy waffles

My west corner is super sweet to me as we are HOME!! It has been 4 1/2 months and we are all so happy to be where we belong.  Kids have started school, I have unpacked 10 bags and gotten rid of 6 garbage bags full of clothes, toys and etc. Out with the old to make room for the new. 

It is easy when you have more space to store things. I am very grateful today that I do not have that extra space to store extra "things". There are times I want to grumble at this fact but honestly I find it so freeing to have to purge every time we bring in something to our home.  Seriously isn't it amazing how the challenge to live in an apartment on the 5th floor with my family of 5 brings me to a place of gratitude. I get to live more simply, I get to teach my children that 20 stuffed animals does not make you happier than 5 stuffed animals, you just end up with no where to sleep on your bed. 
Oh the lessons learned.

Following are a series of pictures that have nothing to do with the previous paragraphs. ;) 

Yes SNOOPY Waffles made by Grandma Schneider a little tradition that seems to 
make all the grandkids smile. Thank you Bunny for being a piece of stability to my kiddos 
every time we return to the States. 

May Snoopy live on....

From my west corner...unable to sleep because I am hacking and hacking,
nothing like a crazy midnight post.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My odd and beautiful life

It is now the 5th night back in my Sweet little west corner.  Every time I return from the States back to Turkey I can't help but see my life a little clearer and crisper. I love that.  Returning 'home' presents a wanting and contentment for me, to have seen all that I could have and yet be so grateful I don't have it.?  Oh my odd and beautiful life. So very glad to be home.

Good night all and Good night Sweet Savior. 
Arian Armstrong~ Good night print
Check out her other prints!

I have a beautiful life given to me by beauty Himself. In love with my creator who made the heavens and the earth and all that is in it and who is here with me across the ocean as I adjust. 

Drinking sleepy time tea to help hush away the jet lag~
In my sweet little west corner.
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