Thursday, May 22, 2014

Do you know yourself?

There are a few things I know very well about myself. I know that if I don't exercise I can become down and gloomy. Exercise; levels out my emotions and gets my whole mind and body on track. So I take care to exercise at least 3 to 4 times a week even if I only have 20 minutes that day.
I also know that when I exercise everything else tends to fall in place quiet times, eating right, being organised etc. One discipline snowballs to more discipline.

I know that caffeine or too much black tea can make me irritable and on edge. So I have to watch my black tea intake, even though I love it and am surrounded by it daily.
I know that green tea doesn't effect me in the same way so I have learned to enjoy green tea with honey every morning.

Discipline in the small things can take me a long way in my day!
So there you have it, those are the things I know. :)

Simply doing what I know provides a better environment for my family and much better days for myself. 

What do you know about yourself?  What do you do to keep healthy in mind and body and Spirit?

My motto on this blog has been "use what you have"
today I am adding "DO what you know".

Apply the things you do know about yourself
even if they seem small.

Doing what I know in my west corner and determined to keep on doing it,


Teresa said...

I know that sometimes, when I get really tired, I start to think about all the stressful things in my life and then my whole life starts to "implode" (in my head). I have learned to recognize this happening and calm myself down and go to sleep, because what it really means isn't that everything is horrible, but that I am SO.TIRED.
I also know that I get "hangry" (which means hungry and angry put together) when my blood sugar starts to drop because it has been a while since I ate. I can't let myself wait too long between eating something.
Do what you know. Sleep and eat regularly. :)
Hope you are having a good day!

Creatively Content said...

Love your comment Teresa! Yes sleep and eat!! Oh the basics of life. :)

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