Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hi from Greece on a string bean budget. :)

Just wanted to share a few brief moments of our Greece family vk.

We have been planning this trip for a year now and here it is.  We live close to the Greece border and we were able to attain Greece insurance on our van pretty easily so off we went.

We packed up a small cooler of groceries and off we went. We drove across the border from Edirne, Turkey and headed toward a small little village/town near Kavala. 

Our plan:  4 nights in a villa, 2 nights camping close to Meteora and then 2 nights in an hotel/apartment in Athens.

We are currently in the little town (village) staying at this villa that is family owned. They live downstairs and they rent the entire upstairs out. There is 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms. They also have a little restaurant and two other studio villas on their property. Last night we ate at their restaurant Mythos and WOW the food was amazing!  The villa itself is perfect for families.  I look forward to sharing more and how we have managed to take this trip on a string bean budget :) when we return, until then here are some pics of our first leg of our vk/adventure. 

This is the little restaurant that is on the same property as the Villa  it is open only to their guests. 
It is only outside seating. They even had a bucket of toys for the kids while we waited for the food.

We have feta cheese inTurkey but this was differnt and they made this feta and pepper chees dip that was wonderful.
The other salad shown is a Greek salad. :)

This is an eggplant dish.  It was very tasty. 
David had a Grilled pork chop..of course since we can't get pork in Turkey.
David and I both are both pretty curious about the differences in Turkish and Greek cusine.

The beach is a ten minute drive from where we are staying. 
The views here are full of vineyards and mountains and olive trees.  It is a beautful place. The villa is great and I don't have to clean it when I leave.  (oh the perks to a mommy. :))

Ok my dear blogger freinds off I go, we are going to explore some large caves  this afternoon. :)Thank you for following along, I feel honored to have you with me on this journey.
 Let's see how we do on keeping to our budget on this trip..I'll see you in a week and let you know. :)


Meg Nuño said...

OOOOOH, I think this is going to be one of my favorite blogs about how you "do greece on a shoestring budget". I love that you are looking at it as a adventure vacation:) My favorite memories from living overseas was our getaways to "exotic for us" places..although my blogs focused on how to survive a vacation with three children under three:)

Unknown said...

Looks beautiful, and the food looks amazing! I'm looking forward to the next post!

Betsy de Cruz said...

Wow, You have great pictures of God's blessings during your trop. Hope you enjoy the rest of your time

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