Friday, June 10, 2011

Giveaway winner

Hi there to each of you who entered the fabric giveaway.

We have a winner... and the winner is...Ruth. (mattandruth)
(I have no other contact info~ so Ruth  please contact me.
My e-mail address is and I will send you your gift on Monday the 13th)

Thank you for all who signed up for this giveaway, hopefully you will be the next winner.

This giveaway was a learning expeirence for me and soo much fun.  I really enjoyed this.  However I think I didn't quite hit the 'fun' factor for all of you living in Turkey with the fabric giveaway. What would be fun to receive?  Were there some of you who read the Giveaway post and didn't sign up becasue fabric isn't your thing? I would really like your feedback, so here are a few options. 

Would you like:
*Craft Supplies
*Homemade items (becasue I am going to become one amazing sewing crazy lady, just you wait. ):)
* or any other ideas

I really would love to hear, so please leave a comment with what you think would be a fun giveaway. I would like for this blog to cultivate a following here in Turkey and encourage others to 'use what they have' and help inspire creativity and hope. 

Please if you live in Turkey and read this blog I would LOVE your feedback. Really, give me an ear full, I'm listening. My brain is full of ideas and is always runny with colors so I would love to hear what others here in Turkey would like to see more of.  Also if you enjoy this blog spread the word and share my link with others, I would like that very much.

Ok off to put my girlies to bed.  ~ in the west corner. Becky

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