Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Investing with paperdolls and (a give away)

Investing in the Neighborhood School ~#3
(to check out 1 and 2 - click on the number)

Trying to find ideas for a 1st grade full of 25 children that I can explain in Turkish and is 10 liras or less was a little tougher for me this time.  However thankfully I was graced with an idea.
I wanted to remind the kids that we as individuals are truely unique, each of us with our own special fingprint and yet each of us as humans alike in so many other ways.

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We talked about our body, becasue it shows how much we are alike and yet how differnt we are.
We sang the song head and shoulders knees and toes in English with the actions and they LOVED it.

I shared fun facts like: we have about 206 bones in our bodies and approx. 5 liters of blood. Also this is when we talked about how each finger print (parmak izi) is differnt and unique, and how each of them are each unique and special.

I made little clothes and photo copied them on one sheet of paper. There was a set of boy clothes and a girls set. I passed out one sheet to each child according to their sex and then they cut the pieces out and traced them onto colored construction paper and then glued them on their paper doll.

The goal was for each child to make paper dolls of themselves.  We then went around the room and took their fingerprints that they then glued on back with their name and date.
 We did this as a reminder of their own uniqueness.

Here they are making and showing off their paper dolls. My daughter is in the bottom left corner. :)

Each child recieved:
A paper doll
Set of paper clothes
Half a sheet of colored construction paper
Small white piece of paper for finger print

Each child brought:
Wet wipes
Colored pencils/crayons
(some kids do not bring their items so I always have things on hand and encourge lots of sharing with seat partners)

For the finger prints:
I brought a small water bottle of water, paintbrush and some water paints for the finger prints. I used the brush in the water bottle to wet the black paint and then had the kids wipe their fingers with a wet wipe after we took their print. 

GIVEAWAY for Turkey dwellers :)

If you make it to the bottom of this post :) their is a fun treat for all those living in Turkey who follow my blog.  INVEST in others is part of my theme for this season so I want to invest by doing a give away for anyone who currently is living in Turkey.  

Come back Friday to see what I want to INVEST/GIVEAWAY to you and how you can win.
It is super super simple. (really super simple) ;)

~in my little west corner~ thank you for stopping by

ps. those of you who don't live in Turkey and are feeling left out, no tears I have something fun up my sleeve for you really soon. :)


nancysturm5 said...

I live in Albania. That's pretty close to Turkey ~ :)
Thanks for the idea. Really cute. I think I might use it for my kids club on Saturday.

Nancy Clark said...

This is a great idea for my Pre-K classroom here in Colombia.

Creatively Content said...

Nancy, I would love to be able to contact you. I stayed in Albania for a about a month and have several poeple who I know there. Anyway THANK YOU for dropping by my blog and encouraging me with a comment. Much care to you. ;) Take a minute to check out the other "investing in the neighborhood" posts - they are simple and great for groups as well.

adamsnanny said...

This brought back so many childhood memories. My Mom and I made these when I was a child...many years ago. So happy I found your blog.

Creatively Content said...

adamsnanny, Thank you for stopping by, I am so glad you found my blog too. :) It makes me smile that you made paper dolls when you were a kid. my girls LOVE paper dolls and we have done all sorts of things. Much care to you and thanks again for taking the time to comment.

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