Friday, June 10, 2011

TP roll Robots invaded our home

We had our DEAR DEAR friends from Isntabbul visit us a few weeks back and like always when they come and stay with us it is like a breath of sweet air.  We love having them.  Each time they come we seem to need to find something to do with our kiddos ~ they have 2 and we have 3 in one apartment for 3 days.  So this time around my friend and I started grabbing stuff and a robot emerged and tada an army of tp roll robots invaded our home and the fun lasted for hours. (literally) (We did one of our silly snack Saturdays based on our robot day.)

The supplies :
Tp roll
Tin foil
Water bottle tops
Water bottle cut up
googly eyes
pieces of cut up paper (from previous project)
Small pieces of fabric
pipe cleaners
tooth picks
Colored pencils..
obviously all this is NOT necessary for a tp robot but
like I siad we were just pulling things out and having fun with it all.
Really this post emphasis my theme right now 'use what you have' . I think sometimes you would be surprised what you have in your house to make fun creations with your kids.   


I was in the process of making the kids some kind of robot station but just couldn't finsh and it soo didn't matter.  They siad this was the robots headquaters and off they went imagining away, putting this here and that there. This piece of cardboard has been used two other time in our sweet shop and in our makeshift movie theater, I think it has finally seen it's last days. :)

The fun thing about kids is you give them an idea and they run with it.  I absolutley love the fun creations they made. 

I literally save ALL my tp rolls.  I know it sounds crazy but really they are the easiest things to collect and you can create so much with them. I had enought tp rolls to supply a whole class room of kids for this project.

So if you have kids start hording your tp rolls, they will come in handy.  :) 

~ from my west corner



jamie said...

My kids are gonna LOVE this! The 3 year old is obsessed with robots and now my 20 month daughter is following suit. Thanks for posting!

annies home said...

how super cute what a fun project to make with little ones come visit me at

KendasCrafts said...

How fun! Will have to try this with my son. Thanks for the great idea!

Unknown said...

Great idea, looks like they had a blast. Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!

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