Monday, June 3, 2013

My first humble piece of art. Celebrate ~what you don't see

If you have been following this humble little blog for awhile now you know that after I moved to E-city    my gift for being creative really grew.  I embraced a lifestyle of "use what you have', in regards to creating and it has spilled out into all areas of my life. 

At first my creating and creativity were simply with my kids and for them. We have had, and will continue to have so many fun memories of creating together and watching little pieces of art and homemade toys come together out of basic items at our house or the favoured cardboard boxes by the dumpster. 

Over the past few years I have had a growing desire in me to create art. It is has been a quiet longing that has grown and grown. I don't claim to posses any formal education or even any great ability. However, I am just beginning to explore and express myself through small pieces of art through different mediums. My one piece of assurance in regards to being such an amateur and feeling of inadequacies is that the God who created all that I see around me is the God who created me and He is by far my best instructor. 

Here is the beginning of my creative process for this piece. :)
 I enjoy capturing moments while a create, it inspires me. 


So I humbly share with you this little piece I have made. I really enjoy it and in some way would love to keep it.  However I feel certain that I am to make pieces of meaningful art to giveaway. 
Sure I will make some pieces for my family and for me...but today this piece is not meant to stay in my home. 
Here is the full piece. 
Celebrate (what you don't see)
It is a mixed media piece. I used jean material and cotton fabric along with brown paper. Acrylic paints, sharpies and my sewing machine. 

This piece will be flying to the U.S. soon to go to my two friends who together have breathed courage in me to try new things and have helped me be a more creatively generous follower of Christ.

I really believe God has enhanced and touched my abilities regarding art out of His love for me. Let me be clear to say it is not that I am excellent at this or that I have some special talent, no. It is that I have acquired a deep passion and longing for colour and when I do it, it meets a need in me and fills me up. I also feel very near to the Lord when I am creating.  I guess a special gift from God that has come out of the struggle of isolation and loneliness I went through. You can read that post here: Sweet isolation
I am confident that our amazing creator will never leave us empty when we follow Him but freely pours out on us surprises and life giving abilities, that fill us and enhance our lives to enjoy life and to pour out on others. Surrender to Christ is a precious cycle. I remember the day when I quit asking God to change the isolating situation I found myself in and I surrendered, it was that day 'art' was born in my soul.

To all of you living in Turkey the meaning of this piece of humble art is for you. ~
In my west corner, (using what I it is the gifts God has granted me.)

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Dotty said...

Oh, this is beautiful! Congratulations! :) Since this was your first art piece, you might enjoy the inspiration at They publish a bunch of magazines here in the states that were very life-giving for me when I was just starting out. You have such a gift with words, and have great ideas with your kids. God bless you!

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