Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Homeschool Journey and Journal #2 ~ I can not rescue her from this.

These past few days of homeschooling have brought out some things I am so sad to know.

In Turkey of course there is NO concept of Homeschool at all. Especially in our small town. 

 The first month of us returning from the States and not enrolling our oldest daughter was a whirlwind of gossip in our community.  I really felt protected from it and have tried hard to keep a positive attitude and spin on it all for the sake of my daughter.  We have several friends who have accepted us in this they just don't understand.

We are still very active in our neighbourhood and Autty still gets to see several of her friends from her old school. However she shared with me that she doesn't like going outside a lot these days because she feels weird and that people talk about her. 

Also a few of Autty's closest friends from her school last year have said lots of cutting words 
to her about not being in school. 

Today I learned in more depth that all these things are NOT rolling off her back but striking her heart in a painful way.

In our town there is no other homeschooler.  She is it. 
How do I comfort her and help encourage her?  
She feels very alone and I feel unsure how to help her right now. 

(Autty has picked up on Art journaling and loves it. This is the front cover she made. 
The pages are full of her own designs and trials and errors. 
I adore watching her in this process of finding her our niche )
She is so precious, so confident, so brave and unique. She is also such a people person and yet right now she just wants to hide from others. 

~I know that sometimes just spilling it all out and being able to cry and be heard can be part of the healing and beginning to moving forward. I am so grateful my daughter shares her heart with me. 
Thank you sweet Autty, I am honoured to know your inner thoughts. 

I can not rescue her from this struggle. We are walking through this together.  
Right now I am praying and trusting. 
I feel sad.

In our west corner... trusting and walking.


heartsease54 said...

I don't know what to say to help you since you are in a foreign country with different traditions and mores from the US. There surely has to be some kind of support group in country for home schooling, it is not a new phenomenon. As for the attitudes toward your daughter, can't help at all as kids generally mimic what they are hearing at home. Have you tried talking to the people at the school about maybe integrating her into some of the extra curricular activities?

KJG said...

Sweet friend... I am praying now for strength of heart and the pure, precious peace of Holy Spirit presence over you and your daughter. I believe He will take this time and establish her identity in him. That is my prayer. Much love from here to there.

Creatively Content said...

Kelly, Thank you sweet lady for your care and prayers. :)

Creatively Content said...

Dear heartsese54, Thank you for your care and concern. Yes there are other homeschoolers in the country but none are close. I do receive encouragement from them when I can as they share there common struggles. My daughter is involved in extra curricular activities. You are right that is very important. The truth is she is seeing how different she is and it will be a process of feeling comfortable in her own skin with these major changes in her life. Again thank you for your care and thoughts as we struggle through this process

sara said...

This post just made my heart hurt for you and your daughter. I would hope and pray that you will get some support in your neighborhood, that people will see the benefits and that your love of Jesus will shine through the situation. I know this will make you all stronger and even more determined that homeschooling is so worth it.

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