Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Roll-O your sibling.

Here is a Cardboard box we scored...it has been awhile since I have brought a big ole cardboard box in the house from the dumpster. I have slightly neglected my love for cardboard boxes these months. ;)

Roll-O your sibling game
What you will need:
a big box
siblings (brave ones)
strong arms
This cardboard box was played with for I think a week of fun filled ideas....like sticking your two siblings inside and rolling it? Go figure.

Sometimes boxes need to just be played with by the kiddos without all my creative ideas. Kids come up with the best games. :) 

Really I don't think I would have thought of the great game roll-o your sibling. :)

I am finding that I have less time these days than I like to enjoy my kids and just do things with them that are not intentional or for a purpose. I like just hanging out with my children and I miss it.  The other day my som was talking to me and I was preparing dinner. I was nodding and saying my 'oh's' and 'really's' and then it hit me I wasn't looking this little guy in the eye, I wasn't given him my full attention at all.  So I stopped knelt down listened and said some more 'really's' and 'oh's' but this time he knew I had really heard him.  It seems to be so easy to engage in tasks that need to be done instead of the dear people (especially those little ones) who need to be heard and loved on.

Desiring to focus my eyes on the 'people' this week and not so much the tasks.  

In my west corner, 

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