Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sleepytime Extra

Throat so sore this has been my new diet: Sleepytime Extra. So glad for this little tea. 
Being sick does provide something I am grateful for... REST. 
There are certain things I need to do but I just can't and so I let them go and that at times is a good thing. I have been laying in bed organising my thoughts for homeschool this year and into next.
It is so nice to have time to actually start a thought and finish it. ;)

I didn't even get to start my M&M rations or my daily sunshine... guess that will have to wait until I am healthy. 

Waiting for Spring to stay,
In my little west corner.


Betsy de Cruz said...

I hope you're feeling better soon, but getting a bit of rest is nice too... Hope you're at least well enough to enjoy resting!

Jill said...

Oh no- poor you! Hope you get well soon! Take good care of yourself!

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