Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Heart necklace birthday cake. :) ~7 years old

"Ya know mom I thought turning seven would feel different but it doesn't I guess I am just so used to being six." Happy Birthday to my now 7 year old!!!

 Oh how I absolutely love the sweet innocence of these ages. Right now I have a 9, 7 and almost 5 year old I so want to take the time to enjoy them!

Drum roll, Yes yet another very amateur attempt at a fun shaped birthday cake. Hope you enjoy.
One of the gifts we gave Lydia was a heart necklace for her birthday, thus the Heart Necklace Birthday Cake ..the idea was born one night just before I went to sleep. :)

*I used a heart shaped pan for the pendant part and the chain is obviously mini cupcakes. 
Lydia and I worked on this together. 

*For the latch I used a gummy warm cut in half and two rollos. 
Truth be told I would have liked another idea but well this idea came to me an hour before the festivities began so no complaints at least the necklace had an edible latch. :)

 Also one thing I did was set up a small decorating station for the kids to decorate the extra mini cupcakes. Each child decorated one and it was a fun little addition to the evening. 

Enjoying every year with you my little sunshine girl. 
Oh how to keep you little and still let you grow?

In our west corner,
 celebrating the gift of each member of our family~ today that is our new 7 year old.

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Teresa said...

Such a cute cake!

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