Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2 (diy) iPads -Plus early reading Kindle and iPad app ideas

You gotta love kids ingenuity. :) 
Cardboard iPADs. 
Their idea. 

Love those sweet eyes popping out behind her work. :)

They took their iPADs to the park. 
Sharing an IPAD with their friend. 

A little story for ya...I was given an IPAD for Christmas by my husband. He surprised me completely!!!! We had decided not to buy gifts for each other this last Christmas because we just didn't have the funds after our long stint in the States. Well little did I know that the few odd jobs my husband did for a friend while in the States was a behind the scenes scheme for my gift. I was so blown away and humbled by my husbands CONSTANT ability to think of me and lavish his love on me. 

Ok that was the jumping to the present. Our iPad has been such a great tool in homeschooling. Is it necessary? No. Is it helpful? Very. Living overseas and homeschooling has its challenges in getting the materials you want and need, especially books. iPad and kindle have been invaluable tools to me this past year. 

Early Reading recommendations for iPads, Kindle etc.:

I really have enjoyed this app for my two younger ones. It is NOT reading junkfood. This is truly a helpful app. and builds upon itself so that your kids are learning reading skills. I paid 3.99. To me excuse my cheapness, that is pretty high but I have not regretted it and it is one of the only apps I have paid for. :)

Also this site: ProgressivePhonics has early reading books for FREE. They are similar to Bobs Books but again are FREE and have a bit more script and more story. Plus let me add again they are free. ;)

The best part for me regarding these books is that they have formatted their books so that you can save the books they can be transferred to your iPad device or Kindle. This has been sooooo great for us. 
This site is worth the time and it has saved me money. 

One more tid bit is that I have found several free kids Kindle books by following: 

With much care to any and all who take the time to read these posts.  Hope this is helpful.
In our west corner.

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