Monday, August 29, 2011

Living with sunshine for 5 years. :)

She is our Sunshine on a cloudy day!
Our summer started with our Lydia turning 5.  She has lost two teeth and is learning to swim and is so tall. I can not believe that my little Lydie is so big.  
You are my Sunshine girl. Everything about you brings a touch of light to a room.  
She is our princess lover, twirling skirt wearing, makeup buying, music loving girl. Happy 5 year old Birthday Lydia.
Her princess Barbie cake that she requested was made by Autty and me. 

I enjoy her style. Age 2
I love her walk.  Age 3

Lydia and Lamby.  Age 5
I am enchanted by her dancing.
Her day to ShInE, 
and I still love that walk.
 I stumbled on this video other day again, and is proof that her sunshine is contagious~ 
I adore you Lydia and find such delight in you every day!! (age 3)

You are generous and compassionate and full of mercy and music.
Lydia Hope you will be a world changer. 
You were created at the perfect time in history for a purpose that is beyond you, 
but perfect for you and your maker to accomplish together.
Your creator will always beside you, in front of you,behind of you, surrounding you. 
You have already begun to change the world, by changing my world and heart. 
I love you.



Unknown said...

She's adorable, Becky! I especially loved that video!

Creatively Content said...

Thank you Laina!!! That video so makes me laugh.

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