Sunday, May 20, 2012

Magazine-add on ArT (great for kids)

This was a fun discovery.  We saw an art-display at a local shopping center from different school age children.  There were a few with this idea of cutting out clippings from different magazines, newspaper etc and expanding the cut out picture to bring about a totally new piece of art. It was fantastic and done very well. I wish I new the name of it.  
Anyone have a clue? 

So I cut out some pictures from a magazine and Autty picked which ones peaked her interest. Here are a few small pics of what she came up with. I love the paint brush with all the colors titled "Paint makes the world bright'. I think we are going to elaborate on this idea more. At some point I would love to see her make a full fledged piece of art of sort if she is interested. :) 

'Paint makes the world bright' 

'Chair, Book, tea ~ for my mom'

Don't forget to name the art brings them to life and helps the child describe what it is that stands out to them. :)

Hope you enjoy and can get some ideas from these Magazine art pieces. :) 
Again if anyone knows the name of this kind of technique, I would love to know. 

From our little west corner of creativity to your little corner of creativity,

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Jill said...

I've never seen this kind of art before - it's BRILLIANT!! So great for kids creativity and imagination!

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