Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Being a part, feeling a part (Kids Turkish school program)

Being a part, feeling a part.
Being a part of the School program this year was more than just a fun thing the kids were able to be apart of, we as a family became more a part of our community and neighborhood. 
Lydia and her bestest friend, Elif Ezgi.

Do you see the little arrows singling out our little girl? 

Aren't these Smurf costumes fun? Here is Autty with two of her closest school mates.

Autty is in the row to the left, third back. :)

Getting ready and on our way. 

My girls are natural performers. They love to dance and being in front of others is fairly easy for both of them. They both did exceptional at their programs and had a blast being a part of 'Children's day' here, that is celebrated on the 23 of April. They also preformed for Mothers day.

 I find it so interesting how connected to the Turkish culture my kids feel. It is their home. It is my home too but they seem to see through different lenses then me on so many things. 

Love this picture of my sweet daughter and me. 
Autty is the one I see the cultural differences in the most these days, she is such a unique kid. I like who she is and who she is becoming so very much. She adds a unique flair to everything she touches. 

In our west corner...wanting to record these precious moments.
Also there are a few Grandmas waiting for these pics. ;)

FYI ~I think I will be posting a lot this week. I have a lot I am thinking about and creations I am wanting to record. 


Vicky Marie said...

Love the Smurfette costumes:) Beautiful girls! Love your hair Beck:)

Jill said...

Gorgeous pictures of you and your girls! The costumes are wonderful and it certainly looks like your girls enjoyed themselves! So great for them to be a part of something like this! Helps with their sense of belonging!

bbirkenfeld said...

So, I was googling "diy" smurf costumes because I was aked to make my daughter's kindergarten class their costumes for 23 Nisan! Sooo funny! When this picture came up I knew immediately that it was from a Children's Day celebration. So fun to have come across this post, just wanted to say hi!

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