Monday, May 14, 2012

Felt circle trees/a baby blanket ~ part 1

This is what I am working on to be a matching set for the pillow I made. 
(If you remember the felt tree pillow I made a bit ago - click here to see )

Still not 100 percent sure on how I am going to pull this off.  I have enough of the same white fabric I used for the pillow to have 4 to 6 squares worth. Now I need to decide what fabric I will use for the other squares and the back. I only have patterned fabric and not really any good baby I will piece something together with what I have here in my home stash and see where that leads me. :) 
I will keep you posted. 

I really like it when sets don't match perfectly but just tie into each other in different ways. So I am switching it up a bit for the blanket and making several circle trees, instead of one tree with several circles. 

My two thoughts are to make the circle trees the center of the blanket with fabric strips in the middle to separate them and then coordinating fabric around the edges etc. or my other thought is to  make several fabric squares and inter mingle the circle tree squares throughout the pattern and blanket?  So still thinking it through.  What do you all think? 

In my west corner ...using the fabric I have to create something for that little niece of mine! 

an itty bitty p.s.~ This is my 201 post! Again I think that is crazy I guess I need to go back and read all that I have been saying over the past few years. I love is such a great way for me to process and record my life.

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