Sunday, May 13, 2012

She is a women to be admired

She is a woman to be admired. 
My mom ~ Victoria.

I am who I am today because of her. When I take a run and do a dance like jig with the music all the way turned up, that is because of my mom. When I am cooking and I don't have all the ingredients and I throw in what I have in hopes it will turn out, that is because of my mom. When I get up early and make time with the Lord a priority, that is because of my mom. When I am walking down the road or folding laundry in my house and burst into song that is because of my mom. When I laugh in a difficult situation where I could be feeling sorry for myself, that is because of my mom.

I have so many memories of my mom. 
What precious jewels these memories have become to me. 

My mom is compassionate to the needs of others. I remember as a child my mom noticing those in need, not just in physical need but those hurting inside. My mom sees others and she has helped me see others. Thank you mom for placing this seed of mercy and compassion in my heart. I will never forget when you gave me the poem "others" and said you felt like I was to have it. I still have that poem.
 (The last stance: "Others" Lord, yes "Others" Let this my motto be. Help me to live for others That I may live for Thee.)

We are countries apart and only see each other every two years. However her life effects mine on a daily bases. What an awesome responsibility and calling a mother is. I miss you mom.

Mom because you are such a word lover the following is for you:

Words/ things that remind me of you:
Seeing others
Being real 
Hunger for God
Asking forgiveness
Saying I love you
Homemade bread
Persistent in prayer
Never giving up
Dusting on Saturdays
Still learning
Never compared us kids
quoting verses

Things my mom likes:
A good classic movie
Her kids and grandkids ;)
Green grass and trees
Coffee and friends
All things little and dinky
Ice cream
A good laugh
Walking with me
sharp cheddar cheese

This post seems so inadequate mom, you are so deeply cherished and loved by me. 

Honored and humbled to be a mom this mothers day.
In my little west corner ~ Becky  
(This is my 200th post!!!! I love that it is about someone I love. Crazy 200 posts.)

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Leah said...

So beautiful! It sounds like the Lord blessed you with a wonderful mother! Hope that you had a good Mother's Day yourself.

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