Sunday, October 31, 2010


Well after starting this quilted pillow case over 6 months ago I have finally finished it.  It has been ready to be sewn into a pillow case with all it's pieces for months I just wasn't sure how to put it together. Thanks to Consuelo's 3 minutes demonstration I picked it up today, retrieved my sewing machine (which is one of my most sweetest gifts from David) and finished it in 30 minutes. :) Yippee now a little color and a little piece of my own handy work in my living room.

Here is my little pieces of work

The back of the pillow is where my learnig curve was but I learned and so success.

My goal is to make a quilted pillow for Autumn and Lydia.  I have decided that a blanket is past my ability and patience right now, so I thought a quilted pillow case for their beds would be perfect.  I would love to make them for Christmas gifts.  The problem is not enough material, I brought some fun squares back from the States this time around but I just don't feel like I have the material that I would like for both of their personalities.  Maybe I should go to the pazar and buy some different bed sheets or I could go through their old clothes and pick out shirts or dresses that they really liked and use pieces from those. However I would really feel funny cutting up a bunch of nice clothing that others could use for a pillow case.  Well we shall see what I do -  I will pray for God to provide ideas for getting the perfect material for these little gifts that I want to make and give. ( I sound like Karma Rasico which so makes me smile (she prays about everything, even cardboard boxes)- you are a great example.) ~

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