Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Napkin Snowman ~investing in the neighborhood school # 4

Hey, meet the Napkin Snowman 
He is a close cousin of the Orange Napkin Pumpkin (found here)

Last Friday I went to Autty's class and did the Napkin Snowman with the kids.This is my 5th time going to Autty's school and spending an hour or so with them doing a craft I have prepared. However this time was
my first time this year.  The kids were chanting my name when I arrived and were VERY eager to create something. I love going and giving these kids this creative outlet.  

Supplies I used:
I cut the contact paper in advance into a long rectangle
String for the scarf
Foam for the nose
Black paper for the hat 
Napkins for the the snow part of the body
Marker for the eyes, mouth and buttons.
*This project for 25 children cost me 10 lira (6 dollars).

Snowman body how too:
Have the kids take their contact piece and crease it half way 
then have them open only one half  of the contact paper (up to the crease) 
then place the cut up pieces of napkins on the sticky contact paper, 
then have them open the second half of the contact paer and press both sides together. 
Outline a snowmen in marker and let them cut it out and decorate their snowman.

I took my camera but forgot the battery. :) oops. 
So these pics will have to do.
Three of Autty's friends came over after the Friday craft and here are there creation's and
 cute little faces and uniforms. 

Here are the girls and Isaac playing with the fresh play-dough the kids I had made the day before. 
 There is something to be said about fresh soft play-dough....hours of fun, literally!

In my west corner of the world,

( For anyone who was interested in my post on the orphanage part #1 (here), I will be waiting to post part #2 for a bit I am wanting to find a way to write out my experience without being too negative to the country I now live in. ~ Thanks for your patience.)


Jill said...

What gorgeous snowmen!! It's always such fun crafting with kids - and rewarding too - they love having someone spend the time with them! Good for you!

Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Shauna said...

So very cute! Clever idea and they turned out darling!

maggy, red ted art said...

Oh my they are really cute and love the photo of the kids with their snowmen!

Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


Creatively Content said...

Thank you ladies. They were a hit with the kids!

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