Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas ideas from 2010~

Here are some pics of our Christmas in 2010.  Enjoy and hopefully you can get a few ideas of your own. Most of these ideas can be done here in Turkey without needing something from the States!

Egg Carton Advent Calender.
This project was was called the last minute 11 day late advent calender.  Tissue paper, red paint and large egg carton. Little pices of paper were placed inside each egg hole.
Annual individual no-bake Ginger Bread (Biskuvi) houses.

Hanging Cardboard Christmas Tree.
This hung in our kitchen and the kids helped paint it green and decorate.

Homemade Clothes Pin Ornaments
They were a gift for my sweet friend Alyssa.

Cutting, painting and hanging Snowflakes.

Check here for our DIY racetrack we made 
last Christmas for our son. 

Ok that was 2010... 
This year I have a different last minute Advent Calendar...however I was a week ahead this year. ;) Maybe I will post it before next year. ;)

Enjoying the Simplicity and joy of Christmas.
In our west corner.


Mel said...

Hey Becky - would you mind emailing me how you made those cute gingerbread houses? I would love to make those with my kids!


Julie said...

Those clothespin ornaments are adorable. Do you have the pattern?

Creatively Content said...

Julie, Thanks to Martha Stewart these little clothes pin dolls have an easy pattern.Here is the link:
Happy creating and Merry Christmas to you!

Honey I'm Home Blog said...

Oh my goodness, I just love seeing your family gathered around working on these projects! Thanks for making me smile.

Warmly, Michelle

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