Thursday, June 21, 2012

Felt frenzy bookmarks

Just one of those felt frenzy moments 
where I was suppose to be working on my soon to be little nieces blanket and I just started playing and ended up with some felty/fabric bookmarks. 

Here are some pics of my soon to be nieces blanket I am still working on.
(if you remember it was to match the felt tree pillow I made.)

Sorry this  has not been ironed out so it doesn't look quite as nice. 
Also I am going to have to finish everything but the tree trunks because I can not find the right color of felt. I will be returning to the States this summer so I will be able to pick it up there and finish it...hopefully just in time for the new little one who is due the end of July.

My dear friend gave me some of her fabric and this piece with the trees was apart of the stash she gave me. Isn't it perfect for the back? I am so grateful because I wasn't sure what I was going to use to bring it all together. (I love and miss you friend.)

Well I could say that was all of the felt frenzy but it was not... the kids and I had a felt frenzy day just a bit ago and resulted in some pretty fun headbands, little pouches and even my 6 year old up-cycling her little white shoes with felt embellishments. :) 

Yes I so think my 6 year olds upcylce project deserves it own post. Along with the other creations they came up with. So stay tuned... for felt frenzy #2 ;)

Using what I have in my little west corner...this time it was it was felt and fabric. :)


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