Sunday, August 21, 2011

ReCyCling pRegAncY Clothes & new glasses ;)

We have had some hot moments here and so obviously comfy and light clothing is a must.  I was attemping to go through my pregnancy clothes the other day and was purging a bit and I found this shirt and I have always liked the colors and pattern, but needless to say, it makes me look pregnant. So I took my AMAZING sewing skills (sarcastic giggle) and tada a sexy simple, light weight skirt, that I wear every other day, was recycled.

 I feel like an absolute geek taking pics of myself and truth is I am a bit of a geek so enjoy my geekishness...I tend to see my geek issues as humor?? Hopefully you all will to.

This was an empire waist shirt. 
I cut the shirt off at the waist.  
Folded over the waist part, sewed it and then put in some elastic.
I also put in a slip when I folded over the waist and sewed that in also.

 Simple sewing, but a no expense new skirt...gotta love recycling clothes.  
I wasn't wearing my new glasses, so the sewing is a little crooked. 

Here I am sporting the new glasses and my bright and colorful recycled pregnancy shirt to skirt.
From bump to rump. (lol)   Hope no one is offended.

Also I wanted to welcome everyone visiting from Sun Scholars and
delicate Construction. Thank you so much for coming by.  I am guest posting over at both of these wondrful blogs this week.  Let's just say there was a little hiccup and so now I am at two places at once. :) But hey it's my b-day so it is fun to be off visiting. :)

Here are the links, for two different posts:
Check 'em out:
Homemade name puzzle & frame tutorial (Sun Scholars)

3,2, (delicate Construction)

Happy Monday!!! 
If you think the glasses are a keeper click 'fun' in the reactions.
(My husband wanted to know how I made those glasses???  I told him I was cool that's how) 


Unknown said...

Love the skirt, Becky! I also saw your guest posts! Awesome job!

P.S. I finally posted the C.C.C. Pie, so you can get the recipe!

Betsy de Cruz said...

Love the skirt! AND the glasses! ;)

lauren said...

adorable: the skirt and the girl! :) miss you lots.

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