Sunday, September 4, 2011

Painting with marbles

This past week we have had some really fun creative moments at our house. One of those moments was creating marble art. I love it when I can find things that all three of my kids like to do. Sometimes their age differnce pose differnt preferneces and skill levels etc. so painting with marbles was a hit for all three. I did this with girls a few years ago and it was a hit then too. I think Isaac liked it the most this time around. It is super fun for his age, I think. :)

What you will need:
some type of pan
plastic/paper cups
easy clean up, takes about 20 minutes for craft

Good night from my corner of Turkey ~
I wish I had 2 more hours to add to my evening but alas sleep is calling to me.


Betsy de Cruz said...

I'm going to show this to my daughter, in fact maybe your whole site, because she is very crafty!

Creatively Content said...

Olive tree, I have a few other friends,and my sister who have kids who are creative and so they show them certain posts on this site. That so makes my day. :) How old is your daughter?

Mel said...

VERY cool idea! I may be on the look-out for paint and marbles. Altho first I think the "craft drawer" upstairs needs some serious organizing!!!

Creatively Content said...

Mel, My sewing shelf is in such need of organizing too!! Hey you could use a bouncing ball if you can't find your marbles. :) (i didn't mean you personally. ;) lol)

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas said...

We absolutely adore marble painting - so fun for the kids and really leaves a cool effect as far as art!

Would love to have you join our child centered linky party - The sunday Showcase at

Hope to see you there,

Nike@ChooseToThrive said...

Oh how cool is that?! My kids will LOVE trying this Becky! Thank you!

Meg Nuño said...

Oh wow!! This idea is sooo cool and looks incredibly easy!!! I really really really want to do it. I will let you know if it happens:)

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