Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Melted crayon art ~ just had to try it too. ;)

Yes this wonderful melted crayon art is every where on the blogging mama web/pininterest. I just had to try it, all that fun color everywhere. 

The only thing is, here in Turkey well wax crayons are non exsistant. So I parted with some of our precious crayola crayons. They are very valuable to us here (no joke)...however after you see the faces of my kids, that we captured on camera it was so well worth it. :) 

Love Autty's expression of awe here. :)
I heart this picture as they watch the crayons beginning to melt and run down the canvas.
The crayons started melting within the first 60 seconds.

This was super easy and seriously who can't smile at such fun colors running all over the place. :)
We were all very happy. (I think even the crayons thought this was worth their use. )

This project was super simple and we didn't spend a dime we actually had it all at home, 
which was super duper great.  

Well, going to go have a cup of tea because it is actually cool enough to drink one today without me boiling along with the tea. :) Only 89 degrees. (please fall come to me)



Unknown said...

I've been wanting to try that, but you can't find crayons here. Well, they have some cheap ones at Tiger, which is like a dollar store, but they're very poor quality. Hopefully fall will make it's way to Turkey soon, it's definitely becoming fall over here. The rainy fall weather began today. I think our street is currently a river.

Nike@ChooseToThrive said...

Ha - you meet me to this! My kids are crushing on this project, too. So, so cute!

Amy said...

I've been wanting to do this SO BAD...but I've been scared to try it! You've given me the push I need. Your children's faces are too fun! :)

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