Monday, October 10, 2011

3, 2, 1

This is my guest post from over at Delicate Construction last month! Delicate Construction has lots of ideas and Michelle the name behind the blog gave me a fun opportunity to share this post. Enjoy!

Let's zoom into computer time at my house 3 months ago...
everyday these questions were being asked multiple times in my house,"Mom, can I use the computer?"  "Hey mom, can I use the computer now?"  "Mom, is this the day I get to use computer?" In my head I had a plan; the girls could use the computer three times a week for 30 minutes, but the good plan just stayed in my head. I couldn't remember how many times they had been on that week or what time it was when they got on the computer. etc.  Being intentional in my parenting is very important to me but for some reason being intentional with a good 'computer time' plan, I just kept putting off.

That is how 3,2, was invented. 
I call it colorful responsibility.
I used an:
Glue stick
colorful paper 
Scissors &
Numbered stamps

Sooo simple really.  Sometimes as a mom I just need to stop and take the time to consider what it is that is bothering me about a certain situation with my kids. Usually I find if something keeps nagging at me or I am getting continually irritated by it, I should recognize that as my God given mommy insticts and make a plan.

Our Plan:
# Number cards
~3 # cards = 3times a week for the computer
~Every time the girls use the computer they place one of their # cards inside the envelope.
~When there pocket is empty of # cards then there amount of times using the computer for that week is up.

SIMPLE but it gives the girls a sense of ownership and responsibility in keeping track of their computer time and my girls love it~

Pick a Good day to refill pocket
Every Monday  they move the # cards to the front pocket. 
(which is also chore day and allowance day, so it helps them remember)

Place the time in their hands:
A handy dandy timer on the computer desk. 
THEY set the timer at 30 minutes at the beginning of there computer time, when timer dings they are finished.

Colorful Responsibility ...ahh

This has been working great for over 2 months now, good for me and good for kiddos. 
However I need to remember that like in all things with children they will still need that extra help, however giving my kids the tools they need to become responsible with their time will continue to be a valuable lesson as they grow. (and help me too;))

If your found how we managed our computer issue interesting than you might find yourself smiling when you read how we do our chores. :) 

Sometimes in order to get the desired results you just have to mix it up a bit. 
Here is another way we have 'mixed' up chores in our house.  It has been effective for over a year now. 

Click on Cheeky Chores if you're curious. 

I hope these few practical and intentional mothering ideas have been helpful. They have truly been helpful for us. Thank you so much for letting me share a look into our lives.  Enjoy being a mommy and loving on your kids.

Michelle thank you for letting me come and camp out over at your blog for the day and for having a great blog with such a variety of original ideas.  Much care from my corner of Turkey to your sweet corners.

Remember to smile at your kids today. :)

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