Monday, June 11, 2012

Cultural jems ~ Teyze

The Story

The bus was crowded, the aisle so full there was no room for your feet. We, my daughter and I, squeezed on and stepped (tripped) over the luggage in the aisle. We were heading to Istanbul and had gotten on a service bus to take us to the bus station just outside of town. I was not concerned, this to shall pass was my thought. I have found myself (with and without my kiddos) in this sort of  crowed situation before, I was just wanting my 8 year old to have a firm hold on the bar beside her so she didn't fall. There wasn't enough room for me to be close because the aisle was so packed with lugguge our feet didn't fit next to each other. We stopped let on more passengers and had to inch our way up the aisle a bit more to make room. My daughter was now standing in a place that had no good place to hold on, before I could help her, Teyze (sweet Teyze) who was sitting down, grabbed her and drew her close and held on to her for the rest of the 15 minute ride.   Definition of Teyze: Maternal Aunt, Older lady in society

In Turkey this is so common, children are well looked after and so many look after other people's children with no thought of their own inconvenience. I am certain that was the same for Teyze, she did what was natural to her.

When you live in a different culture it can be easy to see the negatives...the irritations and to speak about them and then forget all the jems and all the precious things. I want my heart to be set on the positives on the little jems that shine out from time to time, I just need to keep my eyes open.

A thought that struck me the other day was, I am sure Christ saw and spoke the positives while on earth, even though I am certain He saw all the negatives. Christ is not negative, he is positive.

My gem for the day is Teyze and all the Teyzes who remind me to consider others and make me grateful for some of those 'inconviences' that keep me keen to others needs and wants and not just my own.

Sometimes you might have to dig a bit to find the jem ;) but they are there,  just slightly hiding beneath the service. Happy jem seeking where you are.

In my west corner... finding jems where I am.


KJG said...

Praying for you sweet, deep breaths - cleansing, peaceful moments... even right this minute. Your heart before the Lord is so precious... The very nature of God was shown in this story - how he draws us in and makes our footing steady.

becoming medical said...

Thank you for this post Becky. I really needed to hear it and be reminded to keep an eye out for the "gems." It's so easy to just see coal sometimes!

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