Friday, August 3, 2012

Pom pom ice cream shop

Here she is all ready to serve at our play ice cream shop. Nothing like ice cream at 9 in the a.m. :)

Foam comes, colorful twisted pipe cleaners for straws and candy, ice cream scoopers 

 some pom pom sprinkles. 
I used a plastic container and poked holes in the top and put in little pom poms.
and then of course...

all sizes of pom poms for ice cream scooping fun. :)

Here are a few more pics of our ice cream shop that lasted for a full week in our living room. The kids played with this daily and it was a fun thing to do and keep the kids occupied on those hot days and while I was packing for our trip to the States!!!

Here are the DIY foam ice creme cones. 
I Used a piece of foam, a black marker and a glue gun to make these.

Hope you have enjoyed and found a bit of inspiration in our "pom pom ice cream shop".
It is easy, inexpensive and you can find most things in your house.  

We are still in the States, thus my minimal posting these days. Today was our little guys birthday, 4 years old  and wow was it fun celebrating with family. 2 Grandmas, Grandpa, Cousin and Aunt, all came and loved on our little guy with us. What a gift to get to enjoy family. 

~Missing my little west corner a bit today but torn by all the joy of being here with family,


surabhi said...

wow!! lovely idea..I'm sure your kids enjoyed that a lot....I'm new to this blogging world and also your newest follower...have a look around at whenever you get a chance...hoping to make some new friends here :)

Betsy de Cruz said...

I'd been missing your posts. Hope you're having a great time with family! I'm sure your Western corner is missing you too!

Bonnie Rose said...

What a great idea! I found you through a TGIF Linky party, the first one I've been part of! I love the ice cream shop! Reminds me of some fast food my mom made for me and my sister out of felt many years ago :) If you ever need a site to support teaching kids about the needs of people groups around the world, please check out my blog at Thanks!

Jill said...

What a great idea Becky! Looks like lots of fun! Happy birthday to your little man! Glad to hear you're all having fun with family!

Beth ( said...

Oh what FUN!! I love this idea! And your kiddo has come up with some delicious looking sundaes =-) I am featuring this at TGIF this week: - Thanks for linking up to TGIF & I look forward to seeing you again this week,
Beth =-)

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