Thursday, September 6, 2012

Collection of my Tea bag holders

Hi. I'm still here in the States. Going from here to there...meanwhile drinking tea along the way. :)
(I'm missing my Turkish breakfast to go with all these cups of tea.)

I have decided to collect all these fun tea bag holders and put them on my very boring day planner. Yes a itty bitty DIY project for my day planner. Can't help but share the little things that make me smile.

 I would eventually like to collect enough tea bag holders to cover a full canvas. I will call it my 'collection of tea' my very own art piece. :) But until then I will just start here...
I'm still working on it, here is a picture.

I will mod podge these little guys either straight onto my planner or onto another surface and then to my day planner. We shall see what I do. 

I have found some new teas that I really enjoy and this is a great way to remember them. 
A few of these tea bag holders are from a sweet tea away with Dave. 

Maybe I should start collecting really good chocolate wrappers... tea and chocolate. ahhh
However beginning a collection of chocolate wrappers could be dangerous. ;)

 Today I am desiring to walk out my faith in my daily attitude and words.

~ far from my west corner

iyi aksamlar herkes. 

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Betsy de Cruz said...

You are so cool and creative! Love the tea packet idea. Will have to try this.

I miss your posts, btw. Enjoy your time far away from your western corner.

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