Saturday, January 18, 2014

Homeschool j & j #2 - Puppet Theatre and show Part #1

Hey. So I have been thinking for some time how fun it would be for a puppet show.  I have been saving this big ole box for some time and I belive the time has come for a little theatre. a little show. a performance of sort. to happen right here in our home. So watch and be amazed as we transform boxes and felt into an amateur display of the arts. :) 

We are going to take a few hours of school each week to plan and put together a puppet stage, homemade puppets and a story or poem of some sort for the script. We are hoping to have it all ready before our wonderful and dear freinds who have lived in this city with us for the past 8 years pack up and go home. We would love to perform it for two weeks is our goal.

Here is Part 1 of our Puppet theatre in pics:

Cute kid waiting.

Cutting and taping. 

Testing it out.

If you are interested in making your own puppet stage like this check out this you tube video it is perfect! (just need a big box)

Make a Cardboard Puppet Theater

You would think that both my girls would be completely delighted with this project. Well not so...nope one of them (who I will keep anonymous) is struggling that the results are slow and it takes steps and planning to make it come together, she wants it to go faster. This is going to be a great learning tool for her in follow through and how forethought and hard work pay off. 

 This idea involves thinking thru steps, math, reading and crafting to name a few. Not to mention learning to work together.  So I am feeling pretty good about taking our school time and putting this together. We shall see how it all this momma also is learning that 10 yr. olds and 7 yr. olds have lots of great ideas that are sometimes different than mine and wearing flexibility is imperative. 

So long for now. In our west corner. Using another cardboard box.

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