Sunday, January 26, 2014

DIY Felt stick puppets for the Puppet Show (HS Journey & Journal #3)

Poems and Puppets will be our theme. 

We have picked out three poems from this lovely book; Poems for the Very Young, it is full of lots of sing songy poems that are super engaging. 

We are using felt, a glue gun and some doul sticks to make the puppets. 
I first had the kids draw out there puppets on a regular sheet of paper. 
They then cut out the picture and used it as their pattern on the felt.

I am trying to let the kids take the lead on this. 
They picked the poems and had to think through how many puppets per poem. 
I have placed Autty in charge of all things 'puppets' and Lydia in charge of the stage. 

Here they are testing out there first stick puppets. :) 
My remain nameless child who balked at this idea is warming up just fine and enjoying herself thoroughly. 

As of now we have 2 puppets down and 5 more to go, plus
memorisation and the completion of the stage. 
So far we work on this idea 2 times a week for the last 30 to 45 minutes of our morning...clipping right along. 

Poems and Puppets part #3....soon to follow. ;)

In our little west corner- creating puppets and memories. 

You can check out how we made our stage here:  Part #1- Creating a Puppet Theatre

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Vicky Marie said...

Love this Beck. Makes me wish mine were younger and I had more resources then. You are amazing!

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