Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fairy Cake and fairy fun

Autumn's 7th birthday just passed and her ideas for cakes were rather grand and interesting. She likes faries right now so I tried my hand at it.  Honestly I felt like it left a bit to be desired, but hey Autumn loved it and she decorated it for the most part which she enjoyed a lot so... I am VERY pleased and grateful to the Lord that I can serve and love on her this way.

Autumn decorated most of the cake save the frosting and hair and a few minor things. I think she did great.

Autumn named her Kate.  Her hands are in the middle of her body holding a wand.  Her hair is my favorite. :)
 Crazy thing about cakes is you make them, they take all day to make and then you eat them usually the same day.  I tried a new chocolate cake recipe and it was great and perfectly moist and a little dense.

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