Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fairy fun continued...

Clothepin fairies was the attempt of this Cookies and Craft pary, I threw for autumn's 7th Birthday.  We had a small family party with us and the Harris's where we served the fairy cake and gave our gifts to her. It was relexaed and we could all speak english, this was important to Autty. Autumn didn't want to have to speak Turksih on her Birthday which was an indicator to us that it is still not natural for her and takes effort so we had two parties. However we felt that it was important for her to have her Turksih friends apart of her life and to continue to help her to relate with ease in this culture.  So I threw Autumn and here classmates a Cookie and Craft party and invited all the little girls in her class. There were 11 little girls in her class and 9 came.  Here are a few of the pics. It was a fairy themed party.

Invitations are very uncommon so it was fun to make these and give them out.  The little girls loved them and made Autumn's party an exciting event to look forward to.

I scanned one of the invites and then printed it off and took it to a Kirtasiye  and they laminated it for me.  So the girls each had their own work space placemate.  

Honeslty this was so much fun.  the kids here don't get these kind of hands on projects so it was a real treat to put so much effort knowing they would all love it.  It was also exhausting. There were a total of 11 girls and 6 women.  It took me 3 full days to prepare clean bake etc. Autumn had a grand time and was invited to a classmates birhtday party 3 days later.  Explaining everything in Turkish was by far the most challenging thing and I felt absolutly foolish during the tutorial I gave for the girls as they sat and ate their cookies.  Everyones eyses were on me and there was a moment I felt so foolish and just wanted to sit down however Autumn was beaming and helping me with words here and there and so I pressed on ...maybe someday I will learn this language, but for sure Autumn will. (you are such a brave little girl Autumn)

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Anonymous said...

You are such a fun mommy...great job Rebecca! I love it that Autumn was helping you with the language when you needed it...how very cool.
Amanda P

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