Sunday, April 10, 2011

SPRING ~ It's for the birds.

The following is some of my first real spring moments that filled up a day.
It was a beautiful day, captured by words and pictures that I wanted to share with all of you.

SPRING is hand picked daffidils given to me.

Here in my far west corner one thing I miss is song birds.  Yes,  plently of pigeons and crows! However the beautfiul song of a bird is very rare and so today if you hear a bird sing take a minute to listen because it really is a sweet little gift.

The follwoing poem is written by my niece who is an aspiring writer and I am one of her fans.
Her blog : Thoughts of my Own is where I read this perfect  
 word description for birds in the spring... enjoy

SPRING is this poem:


The early morning was still. The animals yet slumbered, the wind still at rest. But the birds were no sluggards. They sang their sweet morning chorus. A woodpecker gave the beat-a steady, vibrating tap. Far off, a trio of cheerful chickadees played a game of tag, unconsciously playing the symbols and tambourines. If you listened closely, you could just make out the lute that a mourning dove played-a sad song, that somehow fit in perfect harmony with the rest. One voice stood out above the others, however; a robin, perched on a limb like a stage, a proud prince upon its throne. The soloist sang loudly, without ceasing, as if it had just found its voice, and was happy, and proud about it too. I stood in the early morning chill, mixed as it was with spatters of sunlight, listening with rapt attention to this proud soloist, with a choir at its back.

(If you enjoyed this piece feel free to drop by Thoughts of my Own and let her know. )

SPRING is the beginning of trips to the park!

~Well that was my SPRING day.
As I post today however, 
it is well rainy and dreary but then again it's spring in both the flowers and the rain. 
~ becky

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