Monday, March 14, 2011

Turkey what I like and don't like about you :)

Hope  is my friend

These flowers come at the beginning of spring here. This pic is from last spring.
 I love the way they pepper the ground with specks of red and give hope
that spring is here and a new season is beginning.



~My friends
~the food
~the bazar
~the way people take time for others
~the tea and how long it takes to brew
~that Turks like foreigners
~that Turkey has helped me see culture and the complexities of it
~the flower sellers
~ Turkish sayings and proverbs
~Istanbul and its diversity, intrigue and history
~that we live so close to Greece
~fresh warm bread any and every day
and many more..

10 dislikes

~High rise apartments
~the lack of green grass and trees (in the cities)
~the garbage everywhere
~that lying is an acceptable form of parenting
~the lack of creative expression
~the way women are treated
~no libraries
~that there  homes are so clean you could eat off the floor all the time
~that I am automatiticly rich when it is discovered that I am an American

 For me today that nagging 'dislike' is apartment living...I am struggling with contentment and am trusting the Lord to give me what I don't have - "a good attitude about it". Plus our apartment (daire) is being sold so it is unclear how long we will be here and that too is another issue of contentment for me. I have embraced hope as my friend today because I believe and know that you Lord Jesus are more than enough to change my attitude and bring contentment to me like you have so many times.  I trust in your faithfulness and the way you work on a human heart and soften it.

the beauty of hope in a red flower.
yes I am having some pretty reflective moments today :) ~becky

hey click 'helpful' in the reactions if you can relate. ;)
 or even better leave a comment about a 'dislike' you have found contentment in.

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Leah said...

Thank you Becky. I anticipate times of struggling with contentment in a new culture too. It's good to know it happens and a great reminder that only God can change the way we see things. Blessing to you. Hope the flowers come soon!

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