Thursday, March 24, 2011

fabric & jars endless possibilities!!

I love color and fabric has a way of helping me enjoy color. 
 I also have this thing "USE WHAT YOU HAVE' and I 'have' lots of glass jars and I am always trying to find a fun way to use them for storage.
 I am so happy about my new found colorful storage option.
 I saw my dear dear friend (who is fabric lover herself) do this but I think she sewed them and well I just wanted an easy peasey way of covering them.

This project is simple and totally me.
A tad boring..
however I do think that no button jar can be boring with all those colors.
I used double sided tape for this project.
1,2,3,4!  I love simplicity.

These make me smile and I can take the lids on and off with ease.
I would add though that if I didn't get just the right size of tape then it was sticky (my green lid is that way).

I have thought about sewing a bunch of lid covers with elastic
but this is so simple I have a feeling that will not be happening any time soon.

I have a few fabric/sewing projects I am really wanting to do but time is not on my side and I figure if investing in others is what is keeping me from doing the fun things I like to do then I choose to wait.

Lord give me your heart to choose others over myself and provide windows of opportunity for me release all this crazy pent up artistic creativity.

feeling rather chatty this evening...;)


Jaime Lee said...

Love this cute!! I agree having little adorable things like that around make me smile too. Wish we lived closer to each other to do projects like this together.

Creatively Content said...

Jaime, It would be fun to create together to bad we picked two different continents. ;)~ luv you dear friend from afar.

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