Monday, March 28, 2011

Pointallism painting with q-tips

Today I am featuring my sweet daughter. 
We are learning about different forms of art and so I wanted Autty to share her project about pointallism or dot painting with you. I think she a fabulous job and did great with detail.
  Enjoy. :)

(fun thing about Turkey is all the fairy boat rides) 

Hi again it is me Autumn. 
I like to do pointallism painting, so here is a picture that I did.  
You can try it too it is very fun and super easy. 

This is what you use for this project.  It is called pointallism painting.  
Pointallism is dot painting.
I used this paint for my picture.
Every part needs to be dot dot dot.
This is me doing my picture with the q-tips.
This is the picture I made.    

Thanks for looking. ~ Autumn

Thanks again Mom for letting me use your blog. (he he he he)
You can also check out Autty's other project here.

Also George Seurat is a famous pointillism painter, who developed the technique. His famous painting Sunday Afternoon On the Island of La Grands Jatte took him 2 years to paint and is comprised of millions of dots to form the picute. It is spectacular.

Hey fun idea: leave a comment for Autumn and tell her what you think her picture is of.

We recently were able to go and see marbaling paper done. (Ebru in Turkish)
It was fascinating and we will post on that this week too and how the kids did their own. Here is the post on Ebru: simply beautiful Ebru - marble painting

Here is an updated post I did on Pointillism painting at the local Turkish School that my girls attend. Hope you enjoy the pics and cultural twists. :) Investing in the Neighborhood School #2 

In our west corner.


Jill said...

How fun, I love pointilism (never tried to do it myself). So fun for the kids though and you can end up with some beautiful pieces of art work!

Jaime Lee said...

How beautiful Autumn, I love this idea! I think your picture looks like angels flying from the earth to heaven!

Meg Nuño said...

Autumn, I love your painting! I am going to show it to my two little girls (who are 4 and 6)...your directions are so easy I think they could follow them very well:)

Pete said...

What a sweet post! I really enjoy reading about what you're doing in Turkey, and about your crafts. Post some more!

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